Quick Whole Food Recipes

I am always looking for quick whole food recipes. This one is quick, simple and tasty!

Friday was a day of running around trying to get things done for the weekend. There were groceries to get, and a trip to Salt Lake City which is 45 minutes away for a guitar lesson. We also had our weekly family party night. We usually eat homemade pizza, but I was running so late that pizza wasn’t going to happen quick enough for my hungry belly. Continue reading “Quick Whole Food Recipes”

Carrots The Size of an Arm!


My dad dug up a small section of carrots this evening and look at what he dug up! Wow! These are huge! The awesome thing about it is the carrots are good all the way through. They are not woody or old tasting, they are sweet and yummy!

Check out how big that sucker is! Continue reading “Carrots The Size of an Arm!”

Heal Bruises Naturally

My family has a go-to herbal remedy when we want to heal a bruise or a cut naturally. It works pretty fast and has amazed us on several occasions! We have put it on a bruise one day and the bruise will be completely gone the next day. Seeing this once or twice really helps little kids when they come to you with their cute little owies and want you to help them somehow. Just put a little bit of this salve on and it works wonders for their hurt and also their tender emotions! Continue reading “Heal Bruises Naturally”

Fall Harvest Soup Recipe

Today my son wasn’t feeling well, so I wanted to make a soup to nourish him and make him feel loved 🙂 Don’t you like it when people do things for you when you are sick?! It isn’t very often that we get sick around here so it is kind of a big deal that one of us isn’t feeling well. This particular son ate something completely “un-nourishing” the day before he got sick, so it didn’t take me by surprise that his defenses to germs were down.

We have an abundance of fall garden produce to be using up this winter, so I started with Continue reading “Fall Harvest Soup Recipe”

Wheat Berry Stuffing

Lunch today was so wonderful! I LOVE stuffing but I don’t want to be consuming so much wheat that has been ground face powder thin and then baked at a high heat killing all the nutrients. Plus, it makes me heavy and tired. Anyway, I LOVE stuffing! So, today I took my wheat that I had soaked and low heat cooked and mixed it with some butter, onions, celery and stuffing herbs ( sage, thyme, savory, vegesal instead of salt) and voila! Stuffing that nourishes! I’m so excited. I might eat this every day. Continue reading “Wheat Berry Stuffing”

What I ate Wednesday.

For breakfast today I had oatmeal with maple sugar. I splurged and added some Brown sugar too.
For lunch I made a Red Lentil Dal  and had it over rice. This is a picture of what was left that I will have for lunch over the next few days. No cooking lunch for a while!

Dinner tonight is steamed butternut squash and pasta with a taste of butter  and some parmesan. 

Breakfast is ready for tomorrow too. I soaked 1/2 cup of quinoa today. I drained the water and covered the quinoa in my thermos with boiling water. In the morning it will be cooked and delicious!

Metaphorical Musings on Life/the Park

The water fountain, bubbling over fresh and healthy and clean, is God.

The cars zipping around and hurrying to diverse destinations is the world that has become so harried and as unlike God as it can become.

Often I find myself in the world, hurried and frantic over the next place I need to be. So frequently I get lost in the busyness.

I want to be near, no, I want to be in the fountain.  I want my fears and troubles and pain to be washed away as I calm down and come to peace.  I know there can be peace.  I have felt it.  The question is, how can I have peace and still do what is needed of me in the busyness?

It is officially summer at the park but my life is in the season of spring.

Last year was my winter.  I cleansed and purged the overwhelm out of my space like snow does to an annual flower that has already lived its purpose and glory.

I rested for a season like the soil in my frozen garden.

Now the rains have come, washing away the death of old projects and worries.

New experiences are budding, creating excitement in the air with the freshness of new growth.

My figurative life will be watered from the fountain. God will water my future and I will stay grounded as I have to participate in the world on occasion.