Carrots The Size of an Arm!


My dad dug up a small section of carrots this evening and look at what he dug up! Wow! These are huge! The awesome thing about it is the carrots are good all the way through. They are not woody or old tasting, they are sweet and yummy!

Check out how big that sucker is!

We planted these in the late spring, and kept them covered with boards until they sprouted. Carrots are hard to keep moist. They aren’t planted very deep so they tend to dry out pretty fast. We cover them with boards or burlap so we can keep them moist until they sprout. Then we take the boards off so the sunlight can do its work.

After they are an inch or so high we thin them out. A farmer friend around here puts the seeds in a salt shaker to plant them and he does not thin them. that is ok if you want your carrots super close together and sometimes winding around each other. We like to thin them and let them get big and straight.

If we had dug them up earlier in the year they would not be so big. The weather around here has been crazy this year too. It has stayed sorta warm even through the winter months. It is December and it rained the other day.  I’m sure that when it is warm enough to rain, those cold weather crops like carrots will be growing.

It snowed today, so growth will be slow again, phew. The sun isn’t out much in the winter either so that slows the growth down.

I usually choose Danvers carrots for our clay soil. They don’t try to be super long, so it fits with the growing conditions. That is what these are. Dad remembers planting Dantes, so if you are going to plant off of my recommendation, research Dantes and Danvers.

Clicking these beauties take you to buy Danvers. I have grown them for years and am impressed with them. They don’t go woody, and even though several of them went to seed they are still good eating.

I think I’ll go make some carrot soup with garlic and onion. Yum


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Author: Elisa

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6 thoughts on “Carrots The Size of an Arm!”

  1. That carrot is huge! I have never tried growing them before but I like your tip of keeping them covered until the sprout, this makes a lot of sense.

    When you thin them out do you dig them up and move them? Sort of like re-potting? This is another great tip for letting your carrots grow into their full size.

    1. We were really surprised at the size of this carrot. It is the biggest we have ever had, so I don’t know that it is typical results. However these Danvers carrots are always tasty. When we thin them we give the thinnings to the chickens if we have a ton or eat them. They are especially tender and good. We used to eat the tops too but I heard that wasn’t a god idea. I’ll have to research that some more. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Holy Moley. This is one big carrots ! I never seen carrots that big before and I believe homegrown carrots like that should taste good and fetch a good price.

    How did you grow carrots like that ?

    1. Lots of water, sunshine, the right seeds (danvers), thinning them while small, planting in the spring, harvesting in winter, good mulch between the rows to keep them from drying out, and hoping for the best is what went into these carrots. We won’t be selling them though we could. We have just been growing enough for us to eat 🙂

  3. Hi Elisa,
    Wow! These carrots look fabulous and absolutely delicious. Carrots are a favorite vegetable at my house so I really appreciate the growing tips. I didn’t realize I should be covering them until they sprout. I will definitely try that. But as much as I enjoyed the tips, what I’d really like is that garlic and onion carrot soup recipe 🙂 Sounds yummy!

    1. For the soup, I like to blend carrots in my BlendTec on the soup setting. I add some almond milk, a sliver of onion and a clove or two of garlic. The blender heats it up, but it is still considered a raw food! If you don’t have a Blend Tec, I would steam or boil the carrots, onion and garlic until they are soft. Then I would blend them until smooth, then add some milk and Vegesal or salt. Yumm!

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