Review on The Virgin Diet

I’m re-investing some of my time each day into researching health topics to keep up my good health momentum. I ran across JJ Virgin’s book called the Virgin Diet. I have skimmed through the book and found many good points, advice and ideas that will help me stay on track.

Some of the information, such as the down sides to plant based nutrition, I don’t agree with because of the experience of growing up with an extremely healthy vegetarian mom. I agree with most of the other premises based on the research, experience and training I have.

JJ Virgin wrote a very comprehensive, well thought out and doable plan that I will be incorporating into what I do.

I wanted to know what JJ thought of Intermittent Fasting and found this article.
She has some concerns about it but also sees the positives. She suggests doing IF in an altered manner which I resonate with and will try. The object of IF is to cut your eating window down to about 8 hours so your body can take a break from digesting and heal and rejuvenate. We can still keep that span quite closely if we stop eating earlier in the day. JJ suggests having breakfast at 8, lunch between 12 and 2, and then dinner around 6. After 6 you would stop eating until the next morning at 8 which would give you a fasting window of about 13-14 hours. This is totally doable. Another suggestion is to skip dinner once in a while for a longer fasting window which I like better than skipping breakfast because breakfast is usually my most health meal.

I will try out what I am learning, compare it to what I have learned in the past and figure out what works best for my body. That is all we can do, right? Do the best with what we know until we know better.

Diet Rebel, a book review

I wanted to pass this good find on to you. Actually I have been using recipes from this book for quite a while but the book has entered my life again just recently.

The Diet Rebel is one of my favorite books. Often I am tempted to dive into the large project of writing a book, but books like these show that all I have to do is pass on good information that has already been written. If I wrote a book it would be exactly like the Diet Rebel. I agree with what it has to say, and I LOVE the recipes. They are down to earth simple, have the ingredients I agree with, and are yummy! I have loaned my copy out and will be getting another one. 🙂 I like the no fuss sprouted breads that you can make in your food processor. Pretty cool.

Happy Healthy,

Thank you for clicking on this link to Diet Rebel. It supports our family and supports your health!

Winter Gardening books and something EXCITING!

These are the books I am studying every spare minute I have (which hasn’t been enough!). It is my plan to have food all through the fall and winter. I have often had carrots in the garden at Christmas time that I go out and dig, but I want to take it further than that this year. I hope I get enough time to study it to make it successful. Sometimes doing is the same as studying. I’d like to have some books behind me before I ‘dig’ in too deep though. Thank goodness I am going to have an amazing mentor to walk me through it. Oh, I didn’t tell you? Jim Kennard, author of many a garden book and President of is coming to my house for a few days to mentor me. I am soooo excited! I know I am going to ‘grow’ leaps and bounds with what he will have to teach me and I am anxiously looking forward to meeting him! Just think of the bounteous harvest he is going to inspire! 🙂

I am adding a link to Amazon here, in case you want to check any of these out for yourself! It does support my family if you click the banner. Thank you.