Family work

Since being at the farm, we have divided up the work between each of us and gotten it done as individuals. It worked and we got things done but we didn’t see much of each other. We moved to the farm to be together though!
This morning,after a family counsel on Sunday, we tried things differently and it went very very well. 

Yummy carrots.
Thinning carrots so the ones left can get big.
  • When my oldest and I got back from his early morning seminary and my exercise, we all met in the kitchen at 7am and listened to Dad read scriptures while the rest of us made breakfast,  and cleaned up.
  • Then we all headed for the garden. We worked out there getting things watered, weeded, banks built up, grasshoppers killed, the fence secured and the carrots and spinach thinned. 
  • When that was done, we all moved down to the poultry and cows. We got them watered, fed, eggs collected and the trees watered.
  • After that, we split up and did some individual chores. 
Lots of running around in the tall grass was happening during ‘find the eggs that are getting lain outside’ time.

It was so nice to work with my family. I am anxious to do it again tomorrow and then the next day. We accomplished a lot and in a short time. Working together brought us together and fostered harmony even in just this one time of doing it. I can’t imagine the long term effects.


When I planted the carrots I dumped 3 packets of seeds into a 16 oz container of sand and mixed it up so as I distributed the sand, the small seeds would also be evenly distributed.

Well, that was way too many seeds and I have had areas in the carrot beds where it looks like a row of grass coming up! It would seem that I would be grateful for so many carrots but I know that if left that way, the carrots will be small.

I have undertaken the great task of thinning the carrots to 1 plant every inch or so. The beauty of this thinning is that the little baby sprouts already taste like carrots! Yum.

As I am thinning the carrots, I fill a jar with them as I go. I also have other thinnings. Turnips, radishes, beets, and so forth. They are all full of vitamins and good things.

When I come in from the garden, I rinse them off real good and either eat them just like that, or I put them in the blender and add some fruit for a delicious smoothie.

This one is carrot and radish thinnings with plums and some pomegranate juice. It was very good.


Carrot I picked this morningI

This morning I was out weeding my garden(I have time now that my binder is done) and saw the top of a carrot poking out of the ground. It was bigger than I thought it would be, so I pulled it to get a better look. I was amazed on a couple of points.   First, in years past I have planted carrots directly into the ground – not in a box with homemade soil, so they have been rather short and squirrely as they tried to find which way they could grow through pebbles and such. This one grew pretty straight.  Second, These haven’t been growing for very long and they are so big.  It doesn’t happen very often that I have a carrot for breakfast, but I totally ate that beautiful carrot today along with those peas in the picture. I saved the carrot top for juicing or in a smoothie later. I love my garden.


Lunch on Wednesday

My 12 year old son made lunch today. He sauteed onions and carrots in olive oil and added them to a pot of boiling soup stock that we had saved and frozen. He also put in diced potatoes.  On the table he put raw veggies and a dish of hummus to dip them in. I’m going to go read Island of the Blue Dolphins to the boys while they eat and then have some for myself.