What I ate Wednesday.

For breakfast today I had oatmeal with maple sugar. I splurged and added some Brown sugar too.
For lunch I made a Red Lentil Dal  and had it over rice. This is a picture of what was left that I will have for lunch over the next few days. No cooking lunch for a while!

Dinner tonight is steamed butternut squash and pasta with a taste of butter  and some parmesan. 

Breakfast is ready for tomorrow too. I soaked 1/2 cup of quinoa today. I drained the water and covered the quinoa in my thermos with boiling water. In the morning it will be cooked and delicious!

Food Journal January 25th Day 3 of a Detox Diet


Today I had my daily smoothie at 11:30. I was going to stop doing intermittent fasting but I was not hungry until 11:30 and I did not want to force myself to eat. I’d have to see some major evidence that eating when you’re not hungry is good for you before I would do it. I already have issues with food, why would I want to start another one. Half an hour after my smoothie my 13 year old boy made baked sweet potato fries, so I had some of those. He did a good job seasoning them with olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning. Next time I suggested he cook them at 450 degrees for 20+ minutes to get them a little more crisp but the way he did it was fine too.

I ate again at 7pm. I meant to eat earlier but it just did not happen. I spend time canning the tomatoes that we had run through the food mill and froze last summer when we were being over run with fresh food from the garden.  I’ve got another 5 gallon bucket to do still….

canning tomatoes

For dinner my 12 year old boy and I cooked tilapia for those in the family who want animal protein and a salad with lots of greens, cucumbers, mushrooms, avocado slices and a few olives. We also heated up the rest of the Lentil Soup from yesterdays dinner. Yummy food. The avocados and olives are great sources of fats. I doubled up on veggies to make up for not eating the fish. Veggies have the right amount of protein our bodies need if we eat enough of them!

salad januarylentil soup january 2016

When we were through eating, there were leftover mushrooms so I sauteed them with some onions, salt and olive oil. I don’t love mushrooms raw but I adore them when they are cooked. Mmmm. I didn’t take a picture of them before they were gone, ha ha!

So, all in all a pretty good eating day. I have been 3 days without any form of sugar other than what is in berries and apples. I am also staying away from the other 6 foods that most people are intolerant to. They are eggs, soy, gluten, dairy, corn and peanuts. I’m doing this for 21 days and then slowly I’ll add those things back in to see if I am intolerant to any of them. Day 3… done.

P.S. I have felt terrible for 2 days. I know it is detox symptoms so that is encouraging. Detox symptoms can range from fevers to cold symptoms to the flu. Mine is a headache, stuffiness and being tired. I drank a bunch of water today that will help flush out the stuff my body is trying to get rid of that is making me sick. So anyway, I did not exercise today because I don’t feel good.



Gallery of garden pics from last year

Odd Cucumber Sandwich

This is not your every day Cucumber Sandwich! 🙂 It was a bit slippery because I added hummus, and it was quite the mouthful to bite into, but all in all it was a success. This idea was given to me by my friend Elaine. I am not sure if this is what she meant, but it was a fun experience that I will be trying again and you should too! This sandwich just had the cucumber “bread”, lunch meat, tomatoes and hummus. There are all sorts of ways you could make it. Next time I might slice the cucumber lengthwise into more “bread” slices than the two featured here. It would be much easier to eat. Bon Apetite!


This week we have done a ton of transplants. To do that, the first true leaves called cotyledons are taken off of the stem and the plant is buried in soil up to the next leaves. Not all plants can be done this way but peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers can. There are probably more, but those are the ones I know of for sure right now. I have heard of old-timers who do it with every transplant no matter what it is.
We have been using a soil less mix of 2 parts sawdust, 1 part sand, and 1/2 part pearlite. This makes a nice mix that drains well and yet doesn’t dry out quickly. This mix keeps disease and bugs at bay too. The plants seem to love it as long as we are making sure they are getting their Mittleider nutrients. Check them out HERE.
We also put a pre-plant mixture into the potting soil which consists of 20 cups gypsum, 1 cup epsom salts and 1/4 cup borax.  The plants do really well with these nutrients.
Now that I have posted this blog, I am off to the greenhouse to transplant more tomatoes and eggplant! Have a happy healthy day!

Busy Day Food

2 cucumbers diced
5 roma tomatoes diced
16 oz.guacamole
8 oz. garlic/artichoke heart hummus
2 large handfuls sunflower sprouts
16 oz. bag mixed vegetable slaw

I mixed all of the ingredients together in a big bowl, then each person put the mixture on a whole wheat tortilla, and enjoyed! It was very yummy and filling.
I like this lots because there is no cooking involved! 🙂 Great for a busy day.
We also had some kettle style chips with lunch per request of my almost-birthday boy.

Breakfast today was bananas and a handful of almonds. We also each had a granola bar later on for a fun snack.

We ate the wraps for lunch and dinner.

We ate pretty good, but I’m not gonna lie: we ate miniature snickers and almond joys on our drive home! I know! A day of great food and we ruined it!!! The good thing that came from it was the increased desire to do better. My 13 year old insisted that we start a cleanse tomorrow, so we stopped at the store on our way home to get apples for juice in the morning. I seriously doubt that a full-on cleanse is going to happen though because it is my soon- to-be 8 year old’s birthday tomorrow which means cake….

Happy Healthy,