Simple Eating, Simple Life

I suppose it is time for an entry though I don’t have any yummy recipes or colorful pictures to post but just a lot going on in my mind. I’ll share some of that here, that which is pertinent to gardening and healthy eating. Things have gone simple for me lately which I have really come to enjoy. I am not fussing over what to feed my family or myself. I am not worried about how I look or how much I weigh. I want to be strong and healthy, don’t get me wrong, I just have a different outlook on the importance of some of the details. I don’t need to spend hours preparing meals that have all of the components I thought necessary  a year ago. I don’t need to worry about calories, how much carbs verses protein or anything like it. I eat to live and enjoy life. I keep it simple and my body thrives and does everything I ask it to. I am happy and content and thriving.

So, what does this look like? How did I get to this place? Well, truly I don’t know if I want to go into specifics about how I got here other than to say that it has been a path of spiritual leadings along with personal insight. I guess the two go hand in hand. I can answer the “What does it look like?” question pretty easily though. I eat when I am hungry. When I am  hungry I eat simple. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast today so I did not have any. I ate a cooked potato dipped in Annie’s Naturals BBQ sauce for lunch. I would have had another but I was in a parking lot eating what I had hastily packed a few hours earlier. My boys ate with me and gobbled the many potatoes I had brought so I was fine with one. After our travels for the day we stopped and bought bread. We ate that and will have something else later tonight if we are hungry. The boys are planning on making pizza. I will probably have a bowl of rice and some vegetables or maybe another potato or 3! I am loving simple eating. I am getting tons of nutrition and I am full without cravings. I base my meals on oats, potatoes and rice in that order, just like people have been doing around the world since the world began. I eat fruit for snacks and in my oatmeal and have some vegetables as they are available from the garden or as I am hungry for from the store. Sometimes I crave some fat so I will follow that craving and have some avocado or nuts. Some will ask where I am getting my protein. I will answer that with asking where a cow, an elephant or a gorilla gets their protein. The answer is plants of course.

That is where I am today. I walk long miles, I do running intervals on the farm road by my house, I do daily Sun Salutations for my stretching, and HIIT intervals for my strength training. I have plenty of energy for all of this and much much more. I have a life full of giving guitar lessons, growing a large garden, volunteering at church, making sure my boys get an education, etc.

May I suggest a simple eating life style. May I suggest paring back to the basics of what is most important to you and go for it with all you’ve got.

Food Journal January 25th Day 3 of a Detox Diet


Today I had my daily smoothie at 11:30. I was going to stop doing intermittent fasting but I was not hungry until 11:30 and I did not want to force myself to eat. I’d have to see some major evidence that eating when you’re not hungry is good for you before I would do it. I already have issues with food, why would I want to start another one. Half an hour after my smoothie my 13 year old boy made baked sweet potato fries, so I had some of those. He did a good job seasoning them with olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning. Next time I suggested he cook them at 450 degrees for 20+ minutes to get them a little more crisp but the way he did it was fine too.

I ate again at 7pm. I meant to eat earlier but it just did not happen. I spend time canning the tomatoes that we had run through the food mill and froze last summer when we were being over run with fresh food from the garden.  I’ve got another 5 gallon bucket to do still….

canning tomatoes

For dinner my 12 year old boy and I cooked tilapia for those in the family who want animal protein and a salad with lots of greens, cucumbers, mushrooms, avocado slices and a few olives. We also heated up the rest of the Lentil Soup from yesterdays dinner. Yummy food. The avocados and olives are great sources of fats. I doubled up on veggies to make up for not eating the fish. Veggies have the right amount of protein our bodies need if we eat enough of them!

salad januarylentil soup january 2016

When we were through eating, there were leftover mushrooms so I sauteed them with some onions, salt and olive oil. I don’t love mushrooms raw but I adore them when they are cooked. Mmmm. I didn’t take a picture of them before they were gone, ha ha!

So, all in all a pretty good eating day. I have been 3 days without any form of sugar other than what is in berries and apples. I am also staying away from the other 6 foods that most people are intolerant to. They are eggs, soy, gluten, dairy, corn and peanuts. I’m doing this for 21 days and then slowly I’ll add those things back in to see if I am intolerant to any of them. Day 3… done.

P.S. I have felt terrible for 2 days. I know it is detox symptoms so that is encouraging. Detox symptoms can range from fevers to cold symptoms to the flu. Mine is a headache, stuffiness and being tired. I drank a bunch of water today that will help flush out the stuff my body is trying to get rid of that is making me sick. So anyway, I did not exercise today because I don’t feel good.



Travel food

I am driving 10 hours to California today to drop my boy off at college. Part of the drive is for my 16 year old to get hours in for his driving license so part of the drive is kind of stressful!

We are on a budget with food, so we packed snacks and stuff for sandwiches with zero fast food in the plans. We are eating celery sticks, baby carrots, hummus, guacamole, reduced fat triscuits, pickles, apples, oranges, orange juice and I brought my Sun Warrior protein powder. The boys are putting mayo, cheese and meat on their whole grain sandwiches and I had guacamole and some cheese on mine. As I work on getting back to eating Whole Foods Plant Based I won’t add the cheese. I also snacked on some valentine candy hearts and felt sick afterwards so it taught me a lesson. I have a sweet tooth that I am constantly fighting. When I go about a week with no sugar the cravings go away. I need to get back to that point again.

1/14/16 Food Diary

AAAAaaaarrrgghhh!!! Two weeks of Intermittent Fasting down the drain!

I’ve been doing so good. Every day I wait until noon to start eating, which does a ton of great things but I was waylay-ed by my sons homemade white bread, butter and jam. Ugh. I pay my 13 year old to bake our bread instead of paying the store for their processed stuff. That way he can help pay for his Taekwondo classes and we get fresh bread. I only buy the whole grain stuff from him, but he had a wild hair after researching new bread making techniques and wanted to try using bread flour which is *white* flour. Well, it is one of my triggers for overeating and I could not withstand the temptation yesterday morning when there was fluffy, white, gorgeous, usually only for special occasions, white bread.

Now I’m not sure if I am going to start over on my goal to make Intermittent Fasting a habit or start another one. I stick to one goal at a time so I can hyper-focus on it. I am fasting this morning and there is no more white bread so I should do just fine. Maybe it is already a habit to fast in the morning. I hope so. The benefits reported from it are fat burning, cell regeneration and cleansing, brain cells are made, and so many great things.   This is an infographic from Dr. Mercola about it. I follow the schedule at the bottom of the page pretty closely. I just saw that he recommends a 6 hour eating window instead of the 8 that I follow. I’ll have to study that out a bit and see if it’s something I want to do. I don’t agree with the omitting of whole grains though. I know better than that.

Now for yesterdays food: It’s not pretty.

10 am   3 thick slices of home made white bread, butter, home made grape jelly (this wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been within my eating window.)

I taught music lessons the rest of the day so I couldn’t eat again until 6:30. If I hadn’t eaten the bread I would have made a smoothie at noon.

6:30 big bowl of Vegetable Soup and animal crackers

7:30 I went to a church gathering and tried 2 home made doughnut holes and 1 cookie.

Today I am off to a good start and as I write this I realize that Intermittent Fasting is a habit for me now. I will continue on and start on my 28 day challenge so I can win my medal for a new habit I’ve made. (more on that later 🙂


Mom and I did the basic 15 minute TTAPP video, then Jon Gabriel’s HIIT program. I did jumprope for the cardio part of it. I am a bit sore today which means I did a good job 😉

food Journal 6/11/12

16 oz. water ( I had another one around 7:30 but the picture got lost)
Another photo was lost of my 4 slices of watermelon for breakfast around 9:30 am.
I tested the pitas my 10 year old made. I knew I was going to have starches in my lunch, so I didn’t have too much of the pita (they were made with freshly ground spelt flour). He did a good job!


Lunch was leftover pasta salad.
Dinner was kinda late. I am working on typing up my binder and forgot what time it was.  The greens shown here are from my garden. I also had a bit of the roast and veggies. Nine times out of 10 I won’t eat the meat, but today I chose to.

What we ate today

This is the breakfast we thoroughly enjoyed today.

This is the lunch I packed for my 5 year old today. Yep, that is a tomato. We like to eat ’em like apples.

The older boys were going to be at a Scout day camp, so I packed lunches for them and did not want to leave him out. He doesn’t do well with wheat, so he got leftover rice from yesterday.

This is what I packed for the 4 other boys. Larabars are a luxury around here. I thought they would be appreciated by the boys on this fast paced busy day. They were. The sandwich has Vegenaise and tomatoes.  My 10 year old said he loved the lunch. 🙂

I got to go out with some of my newest friends today. They took me to an Iris flower farm, to the Garden of Eaton (the town is Eaton, Colorado), then we enjoyed high tea at a tea house. It was so fun. We each put on a dressy hat that we picked from a hat room and were taken to our own special tea room. We were served 4 mini courses of decadent food. It was fun and  delicious. Our waiter was a character that I enjoyed.  I had a fabulous time with fabulous company. The day before, my friends garden was ruined from quarter sized hail and she lost several calves in a flood. She was so good to take me along on this fun day when her world at home had just been turned upside down. Then again, it was a good day to think of lighter things.

For dinner we had grilled, marinated portabellos, and hamburgers for those who wanted meat. I also made a pea salad and got out the baked sweet potatoes from yesterday. It has been a good eating day.

6-14-10 through 6-16-10

My kids and I are on an apple juice cleanse so this day
I had 2 cups of prune juice first thing in the morning and
then alternated between apple juice and water every hour until
6 pm.
That was all I was going to do but the boys and I decided to
also have something for dinner so we had rice noodles with cheese.
I know- cheese is almost the worst thing you could have on a cleanse
but this blog is all about being honest about my whole foods intake.
Sometimes I don’t do very well on it and sometimes I’m a rockstar!

We did the cleanse for 3 days and each day had something for dinner.
The second day was sweet potatoes and onions, and the third day was
mashed potatoes. We should have had just raw veggies but we are running low on fresh things. It is halfway through the month and we only travel to get groceries once a month. We are excited for the garden’s progress so we can have fresh stuff way more often.