Heal Bruises Naturally

My family has a go-to herbal remedy when we want to heal a bruise or a cut naturally. It works pretty fast and has amazed us on several occasions! We have put it on a bruise one day and the bruise will be completely gone the next day. Seeing this once or twice really helps little kids when they come to you with their cute little owies and want you to help them somehow. Just put a little bit of this salve on and it works wonders for their hurt and also their tender emotions! Continue reading “Heal Bruises Naturally”

Healing Diet day 17

It has not been a breeze to go through the last 17 days of no Dairy, Sugars, or Grains but I am glad I have persevered and accomplished what I have so far. The biggest obstacle or temptation is when other people offer things I should not be having. I have done o.k. because the cravings I used to have are dramatically lowered. My boys on the other hand were not able to say no as easily. This diet is very strict and the food choices are narrow, so I do not blame them. I thought they were courageous for even trying to do this with me. My 9 year old son is still going strong. Once in a while he will have a little of something before he realizes or is told that he shouldn’t and then he steers clear of it. He is a trooper and I am tickled with his determination. He is proud of himself too. We both look forward to 2 weeks from now when we can add some things to our diet that will make this process a little easier like more fruits! That will be so nice!
Here are some of the details of what I am doing.
This is the leaky gut/ yeast cleanse that I am following. I love the way herbs gently but effectively heal.

 Body Ecology by Donna Gates
This is a book that has filled in some of the details that have been helpful in following the recommendations from the School of Natural diet. It gives specifics on what kind of sugars to allow, how to make probiotic foods, why this diet is important and so on. It has been a great resource as I try to heal. I have read a lot of health books and can say that this one is full of great information and worth owning and highlighting to reference again and again.

Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger
This book also was a help in figuring out that it was my gut that needed to be healed. The author prescribes a bit different of an approach than herbs but I believe it would be just as beneficial. It has points that I needed to know as I have embarked on this healing journey and it was an interesting read. If I could choose just one book it would be the Body Ecology book but if I could get both I would. (I did!)

Be sure and check out the video that I did about how I am coming along! HERE
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Daily Liver Cleanse

 Every morning before I have eaten or drank anything, I partake in an easy but effective liver cleanse. I take a break when I have been doing it for a month or so, then get back on it again to keep up the cleansing. Nothing in it is hard on my body. It only does good.

First I use my handy dandy lemon squeezer. It is so nice to use. In one motion, half of a lemon is sqeezed into my cup. I do the other half into my husband’s cup, or if he isn’t there I let a kid try it out. Then I add 1 drop of lemon essential oil and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. I used to use Forever Green oils because I had researched and found their quality to be very high but that was a few years ago and things have changed. I have switched over to the company that the resourcer for the oils went to from Forever Green(she got a new contract Green Organics International when her contract with Forever Green was void because of a change in quality). I have met her in person and trust her integrity. She has promised to not be with a company who does not have the very best quality which includes being organic, wildcrafted as much as possible and having absolutely NO fillers. I should write a post on that separately! Back to the recipe….

1/2 squeezed lemon
1 drop lemon e.o.                    Get Your Essential Oils
1 drop peppermint e.o.
1/2 to 1 cup of water

I mix these all up and while it still swirling in the cup I drink it. The reason I drink it while it is still swirling is because the oils tend to rise to the top when the drink is let to sit for even a few seconds! Then you get a whole bunch of lemon and then a surprise of peppermint at the end and a whole lot of it gets left on the cup!

If you have any allergies, liver spots, red moles, sluggish bowel, weight gain, chills, constipation,gallbladder attacks, headaches, lower back aches, skin problems, weakened eye sight, depression, the list could go on and on, a liver cleanse would do you good. Even if you have ever had antibiotics in you life, a liver cleanse would do you good. Your liver is filtering and filtering all day long every day and needs help to stay clean. This is the way I do it. You could do more extreme ways like I have tried where in the middle of the night you are propped up by the toilet hoping the night will pass quickly. I don’t recommend it!

Go get yourself some lemons and essential oils and do your body a huge favor, possibly even skip out on the allergy season that is looming ahead of us!

Happy Healthy,

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Essential Oils, Herbs and Healing

I used to be a distributer/seller of essential oils with two different companies. I love how the oils work and I still use them as needed but I am not convinced that selling them is my life’s work. 🙂 I focus more on the whole foods aspect of health and my sister focuses on the herbs, essential oils and energy type healing. We are a team! This is her website if you are interested in her helping you with your health through those means. She is a Master Herbalist student and does effective consultations  at a discount. http://kerissataylor.com/blog/     

Kerissa Taylor/ Master Herbalist Student  

The two companies I have been a part of have talked about how pure and wonderful they are. After hearing not so good things about them, I start looking elsewhere. The last company I was with started adding things to their oils and the lady that sourced their oils for them got out of her contract with them because she won’t work with anything but the most pure oils.(I have met with her and trained with her, and I TRUST her). She has moved to a different company where she can make sure that they are the most pure, organic, and from plants with the most nutrition and compounds that she can find. There are many sources for these pristine oils around the world that will only work with her because they know her integrity.

This new company is called Green Organics International.  If you want to make sure that you are getting the best oils you can, I would suggest going to their website to order them. I am not doing this as a business, but it will give me a commission if you order from my link. It helps us both out. You get quality life giving oils and I get a check in the mail. 🙂  If you feel the call to make a business out of it, my sister Kerissa has been going through trainings from Lorrene Davies, a self made millionaire(she has made millions from a couple of different ventures) for a few years now and has learned a vast amount of business knowledge. I am sure she would be willing to help you along and maybe even get you training with Lorrene Davies.

I am a certified Home and Family Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing,  and I use herbs and essential oils as a first choice for the health needs of my family. It is health promoting and saves us a lot of money. We use conventional medicine when we are not able to treat things at home. This knowledge has blessed our family with health and I am so thankful for it. It has been a few years since I did that training and I still use it. I learned how and when to use herbs, and about how to feed myself and my family in the best way possible.  By clicking the link above, you would get a discount to take the course for yourself. My sister Kerissa has taken the course also, but is going much further into it to be certified as a Master Herbalist. In the last few years, she has learned muscle testing, A.I.R. treatments with essential oils, and so many more things that I can’t even keep up with. She is amazing. When my family has a health issue, I think of what I can do and then call Kerissa! She always has good advice. She is able to give advice on cleanses, allergies, personalized herbal and oil schedules, and so much more.

I hope this information reaches someone who needs it. 🙂

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I am so busy. So busy. I get myself into it I know. It is nobody else’s fault. Though I am busy, I am happy. Great things are happening and I have hope in even greater things. I would never have imagined that I would be where I am today.
I have acid reflux right now because of a valve I was born with that does not shut and allows stomach acids to come up into my esophogus and mouth, burning as it goes. I have learned how to keep it at bay but sometimes in the midst of stress it is triggered. This time it was triggered by lemons in my liver cleanse recipe. I am learning about acid/alkaline foods to support my body with what it needs. I am also re-learning what herbs and natural remedies help. Ginger, cayenne, slippery elm, chamomile tea, food combining correctly, staying away from citrus and acid forming foods, eliminating chocolate, peppermint, sugar, meat, and fatty foods are some of the things that will help my acid reflux (actually I have GERD which is gastroesophogeal reflux disease).
I will keep learning how to control this and pass my learning on. My next step is to write a short paper on acid vs. alkaline and offer recipes that support the research. It will happen as I have time. Right now I don’t but soon…..very soon. 🙂

UPDATE: It has almost been 2 years since I wrote this post. I have learned that lemons  DO NOT cause reflux which has been a major breakthrough for me. I did a cleanse for 10 days which consisted of lemons, cayenne and maple syrup. Far from causing reflux, it cured it! I did not have reflux while on the cleanse. Oranges and grapefruit are still on my avoid list sadly.