Planting 4 Weeks Before Last Spring Frost


These are the seeds you can start now(April 9th) if your last frost date is in 4 weeks. Our last frost date here in Erda is around May 3-9 depending on who you talk to. The state extension even has varying dates on the internet.
If you didn’t start your onions from seed a few months ago, your onions won’t get big bulbs if you plant them now but you could eat the greens still. If you want bulb onions then plant onion sets which are onions that someone already started for you. You can buy them at a home improvement store or a nursery.
Everything else can be planted as seeds.
Happy Planting!

Garden Progress

The garden has been in for a few days longer than 1month. It is doing pretty good with enough problems to teach me what to do better next time.
The onions are growing, but they did not germinate extremely well.
The kale did not come up well at all but the plants that germinated are growing well.
The basil is growing quickly and beautifully.
The spinach is doing awesome. We will start harvesting it this week.
I am getting ready to plant garlic this week.
A few beets survived the rabbit that had a meal right down the entire row. I am letting them mature but the row looks pathetic.
Grasshoppers are eating the beet leaves. I have done some reading and think it will be best to use some Nolo Bait. We are going to use Neman Oil first though because it is available to us free.
I saw the first caterpillar in the garden yesterday and threw him out.
The carrots are growing really well. We have been working on thinning them every day. It is a big job because we planted so many!
I started harvesting the icicle radishes. They are huge and hot.
The cilantro is growing beautifully. Some of it did not germinate.
I was expecting low germination because many of the seeds are from 2008. The garden is doing well despite that fact.
I am working on getting materials put together for winter gardening in the greenhouse. Some of that will need to be planted in the next month and we still need to finish building the greenhouse. It will all come together.
So, that is some of what is going on in the garden right now.


When I planted the carrots I dumped 3 packets of seeds into a 16 oz container of sand and mixed it up so as I distributed the sand, the small seeds would also be evenly distributed.

Well, that was way too many seeds and I have had areas in the carrot beds where it looks like a row of grass coming up! It would seem that I would be grateful for so many carrots but I know that if left that way, the carrots will be small.

I have undertaken the great task of thinning the carrots to 1 plant every inch or so. The beauty of this thinning is that the little baby sprouts already taste like carrots! Yum.

As I am thinning the carrots, I fill a jar with them as I go. I also have other thinnings. Turnips, radishes, beets, and so forth. They are all full of vitamins and good things.

When I come in from the garden, I rinse them off real good and either eat them just like that, or I put them in the blender and add some fruit for a delicious smoothie.

This one is carrot and radish thinnings with plums and some pomegranate juice. It was very good.