Food Journal January 25th Day 3 of a Detox Diet


Today I had my daily smoothie at 11:30. I was going to stop doing intermittent fasting but I was not hungry until 11:30 and I did not want to force myself to eat. I’d have to see some major evidence that eating when you’re not hungry is good for you before I would do it. I already have issues with food, why would I want to start another one. Half an hour after my smoothie my 13 year old boy made baked sweet potato fries, so I had some of those. He did a good job seasoning them with olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning. Next time I suggested he cook them at 450 degrees for 20+ minutes to get them a little more crisp but the way he did it was fine too.

I ate again at 7pm. I meant to eat earlier but it just did not happen. I spend time canning the tomatoes that we had run through the food mill and froze last summer when we were being over run with fresh food from the garden.  I’ve got another 5 gallon bucket to do still….

canning tomatoes

For dinner my 12 year old boy and I cooked tilapia for those in the family who want animal protein and a salad with lots of greens, cucumbers, mushrooms, avocado slices and a few olives. We also heated up the rest of the Lentil Soup from yesterdays dinner. Yummy food. The avocados and olives are great sources of fats. I doubled up on veggies to make up for not eating the fish. Veggies have the right amount of protein our bodies need if we eat enough of them!

salad januarylentil soup january 2016

When we were through eating, there were leftover mushrooms so I sauteed them with some onions, salt and olive oil. I don’t love mushrooms raw but I adore them when they are cooked. Mmmm. I didn’t take a picture of them before they were gone, ha ha!

So, all in all a pretty good eating day. I have been 3 days without any form of sugar other than what is in berries and apples. I am also staying away from the other 6 foods that most people are intolerant to. They are eggs, soy, gluten, dairy, corn and peanuts. I’m doing this for 21 days and then slowly I’ll add those things back in to see if I am intolerant to any of them. Day 3… done.

P.S. I have felt terrible for 2 days. I know it is detox symptoms so that is encouraging. Detox symptoms can range from fevers to cold symptoms to the flu. Mine is a headache, stuffiness and being tired. I drank a bunch of water today that will help flush out the stuff my body is trying to get rid of that is making me sick. So anyway, I did not exercise today because I don’t feel good.



Food Diary 1-13-15

I am focusing on one goal a month. This month my goal is keeping my eating window at 8 hours. I start eating a noon and end at 8. I started doing this more than a year ago but was not 100% consistent so I am working on it. You can read more about the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and find out why I think it is awesome. When I took my course through the School of Natural Healing I learned about how the body digests and assimilates food and  I was taught that eating nothing, or just fruit until noon is optimal. That was years ago and now scientists are catching on to it. Interesting how that happens.

I started this blog in 2010 by journaling what I was eating. I have decided to continue on with that for a while. It will help me to keep honest in walking the walk that I teach and maybe it will give you some ideas on how to get more whole foods into your diet too!

  • Noon: my daily protein shake after exercising It has 1 cup water, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 T. flax, 1 T. hemp seed, 1/2 teaspoon Moringa powder, 1 scoop Amazing Grass greens, and 1 scoop Sun Warrior blend protein powder. I blend it in my Magic Bullet.
  • Today’s raw veggies were cucumbers and carrots. I made hummus to dip them in. The recipe was 1 undrained can of chickpeas, 1/4 cup tahini, 2 Tablespoons olive oil, the juice from 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon salt and a small garlic clove. I tossed it all in the food processor. It is a bit runny because of not draining the chickpeas which means it mixes well and dips well. I think I’ll make it thicker next time.
  • Dinner was Veggie Pot Pie with whole grain bisquit topping. Yum. I also cooked up some frozen peas and broccoli with some onion and a bit of butter.

That’s it for today. Actually, maybe I should log what exercise I am doing too. Today was an off day for exercise. I take Wednesday and Sunday off but I did work on my planking goal and did 30 seconds. I also did the Tabata method of High Intensity Interval Training with my Hula Hoop ! 🙂 Fun.


When I planted the carrots I dumped 3 packets of seeds into a 16 oz container of sand and mixed it up so as I distributed the sand, the small seeds would also be evenly distributed.

Well, that was way too many seeds and I have had areas in the carrot beds where it looks like a row of grass coming up! It would seem that I would be grateful for so many carrots but I know that if left that way, the carrots will be small.

I have undertaken the great task of thinning the carrots to 1 plant every inch or so. The beauty of this thinning is that the little baby sprouts already taste like carrots! Yum.

As I am thinning the carrots, I fill a jar with them as I go. I also have other thinnings. Turnips, radishes, beets, and so forth. They are all full of vitamins and good things.

When I come in from the garden, I rinse them off real good and either eat them just like that, or I put them in the blender and add some fruit for a delicious smoothie.

This one is carrot and radish thinnings with plums and some pomegranate juice. It was very good.


Weekend Pig-out

This weekend I was at a LEMI training in Salt Lake City. While I was there I was not as diligent in food combining or food choices as I usually am. I wanted to have fun in every way possible while I was on this mini-vacation, and I figured all of my food rules should go out the window for a time.
For breakfast I had fruit. Even without rules, this is what my body wants in the the morning. It is more than a habit because my body just feels better when I treat it that way.
Lunch was pita sandwiches with hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes,lettuce, red onions, avocado, and lime juice.
Those parts of my day were easy to make good decisions on. They are what I eat normally and what make my body feel the best. It was dinner that threw me for a loop. It varied between hamburgers(bun and meat don’t food combine well) and fries cooked in unhealthy oils, to deli baked potatoes( with intestine clogging cheese and sour cream) and white pasta that acts like glue in the intestines,and it did not include  any veggies. It didn’t stop there I am afraid. I also had ice cream, cookies and hard candies. One night a kind man we were staying with was making a green smoothie for himself while my friend and I were eating the deli food we had just bought. I told him that under normal circumstances I would have had food more along the lines of what he was having. He then poured me a glass of his smoothie that was full of veggies and fruit. I drank it, wondering how it would work on my belly that was digesting starches at the time. Within a half hour of having the fruit with the starches my belly was in a turmoil. It was still rumbling and having problems when I woke up the next morning. Note to self: when you know about food combining, USE the knowledge! 🙂
I got home at 5 am today. I was awake for 22 hours – it was a long day but so worth the mentor training I was a part of.  When I weighed myself after my adventurous 3 day weekend I had gained 5 pounds!!!  Most of that weight will come off easily when my digestion goes back to normal. I did get an insight into what others must go through who don’t know about food combining and eating whole foods. Even eating well for breakfast and lunch didn’t save me from the weight gain and digestive issues that the crazy evening foods gave me. I entered into the decision to eat whatever tempted me, knowing that there would be a consequence. I am heavier and my digestion is slow, but I do have a resolve to go back to my whole foods ways because I know that I will feel better. Once in a while this sort of lesson is good for me. It reminds me of why I do what I do.

Brian’s Smoothie Experience

This smoothie is  the one I made for breakfast this morning with Paris Cos Lettuce, strawberries, bananas and water. My Mom engraved this mug for me. I think she should sell them on my website.

Brian has been giving whole foods a real heroic effort this week. He has not had tater tots all week!  For the most part his food has been simple and wholesome.  

This afternoon Brian was feeling a drain in his energy and felt like he wanted some caffeine to get going again. We are getting our home businesses going and can’t afford to be tired.  I say he ‘felt’ like he should have caffeine, but he did not actually have it. He asked me how to make a green smoothie so he could try out if it actually would give him energy.

I went out to the garden and grabbed him some kale, washed it, and put it in the blender that had about 2 cups of water that Brian had prepared. I blended it for him, then he put in 2 bananas and a few cups of berries. 

About 20 minutes later I saw him doing something with a little more spring in his step and asked if he had any more energy than a few minutes ago and he said “YES”.  I asked if it would be right for me to blog that the smoothie had given him energy and he agreed. 

Brian is not someone who believes something just because someone tells him it is true. He has to test it and think about it and ponder about it, etc.  He has slowly been coming over to ‘the dark side’ and his health has shown it. He rarely gets sick anymore and he tells people its because of how we eat. At one point in my health crusades he teasingly called me the ‘Health Nazi’. He is a tease and it was funny at the time, but look at where my efforts have gotten us. A healthy strong family. It is a mission in progress as life throws curve balls, but we are on a good path if my husband is asking for a green smoothie instead of a soda. 🙂