Wheat Berry Stuffing

Lunch today was so wonderful! I LOVE stuffing but I don’t want to be consuming so much wheat that has been ground face powder thin and then baked at a high heat killing all the nutrients. Plus, it makes me heavy and tired. Anyway, I LOVE stuffing! So, today I took my wheat that I had soaked and low heat cooked and mixed it with some butter, onions, celery and stuffing herbs ( sage, thyme, savory, vegesal instead of salt) and voila! Stuffing that nourishes! I’m so excited. I might eat this every day. Continue reading “Wheat Berry Stuffing”

Long 'Ol Green bean


I forgot I had planted a variety of green bean that gets extra long until my boy brought this bad boy in to show us. When he ran up to me with it my first reaction was that it was a snake! So glad it wasnt….I’m terribly afraid of snakes :/ It seems like we’ll only need a couple of beans per person to have a filling dinner!

We’ve been enjoying beans out of the garden for several weeks now. I cook them in a couple of different ways.

1. Snap off the ends and break into small peices, then put in a pot with a couple of inches of water. Cover the pot and let the beans boil/steam until tender. Drain the water off and add salt or a seasoned salt. If you are a butter eater that would be good too. (We’ve moved away from animal products so we leave it out.)

2.  Prepare the beans the same as above but cover them with broth and boil them until soft. Then add seasonings and salt to taste. Mmm. So good.

My boy said this bean wasn’t very tasty raw like the others we grow, so we’ll cook ’em up and see how they taste then.  I love experimenting with growing different varieties of foods. You never know if you’ll find something you love.

Strawberry Guac. Salad at a soccer game


Oh man. So good. I am loving this salad!

The boys and I are in Park City for a soccer tournament so I had to think ahead of time to keep our meals healthy and cheap.

I brought split pea soup in the thermal cooker so it was nice and hot by 2pm. I also brought bowls and spoons to eat it with.

I did not have the salad fixings for lunch so we stopped at the store to get those. We chose romaine and baby spring greens, strawberries, guacamole, sunflower seeds and pre chopped red onion. This salad doesn’t need dressing with all of its awesome flavors!

My salad is waiting for me, and the second soccer game for today. Yum and Score!

Tent Camping in January

I guess we like adventure or this new idea turned experience wouldn’t have happened. Some people don’t honestly understand us:) ha ha


It’s not that we want to be cold or do hard things, but you see, we got new sleeping bags for Christmas and just HAD to try them out! 🙂 We are trying to get our 72 hour kits in order. It is easier to find out what we need in them now than when it’s too late.

Wait till you hear the good part. It wasn’t just my husband, my 5 boys and I, but it was Grandma and Grandpa too! I was so proud of them. They haven’t grown old and boring one bit.


We got some great Wiggys bags that are supposed to keep you warm even when they are wet because of their lamilite insulation. We stayed warm except for wherever our bodies touched the frozen ground. Inside the bag was toasty warm though. We are now looking into sleeping mats that have great insulation. The tarp and wool blanket I was on was not enough. The tents are cool. They come in halves from the army surplus store. Each of us puts half in our 72 hour kit and then 2 of them snap together to make one floorless tent.

Ben, my 16 year old didn’t want to sleep in one of the army tents and slept out under the stars instead. He doesn’t have one of the great bags yet and he was cold but he stayed out anyway.

This craziness of sleeping out in the winter isn’t new to us. When I was 17 I lived in a tent in my parents backyard from November to January. It was quite the experience and something I draw strength from even now. If I could do hard things then, I can do them now too.

Better Dutch Oven Bread


Well, the bread didn’t burn this time:) Brian is learning and improving this fun new interest. The dough he used was frozen from last week and he had some issues with defrosting it, rising it and transferring risen dough to his Dutch oven. Next time he will either make fresh dough or do the defrosting and rising right in the Dutch oven after freezing.
To make this bread not burn Brian made a sort of spit to hang the oven from. The bottom of the bread still got cooked faster than the top but it kept a better over all tempurature.


He cut a wedge shape into the standing post and cut the horizontal post into a wedge shape at one end. He pounded them together and made a spit that can’t come apart. It’s really cool.



The boys got going on projects while Dad worked on his.


Tyler worked on a spit of his own.


Nobody knows what Luke is up to but his stabilizer is ingenious:)


Jos stick sharpening skills are coming along.

Next time Brian wants to make perfect biscuits. I’m looking forward to it!

My New Rolling Pin :)

You may have seen the post I did on making Pita Bread where I had to use a baseball bat to roll out the pitas. Well, a kind soul who has begun ordering food from the farm took pity on me and brought me a rolling pin when she picked up her food! 🙂  Can you believe it? It was the first time I had met her and she was so generous. I am so thankful to be meeting such wonderful people in the community.  Having a business and lifestyle that connects us with the community is so rewarding and fulfilling. Thank you Dawn O.!

Dawn handing me the prized rolling pin.
Check out what she and her friend did with the farm fresh eggs. Yum.

Family Feelings

Yesterday was the birthday of my Grandpa who would have been 98 years old. Before he died he requested that we all get together around his birthday each year. We had a beautiful cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. He would have been proud, and I am sure many of us felt his presence there at this special gathering. Where my family is, love is. I am so thankful for that fact.  I know many people are not so fortunate as I am. When I feel such complete love and acceptance it makes me want to make sure everyone feels that way.  Christs love is complete and all encompassing and I know everyone is going to feel that someday, even if it doesn’t happen for them on this earth – which I hope it does.

Gigantic Slip and slide

We look forward to this every year. It started when my Dad was working with this material when it was wet, and he slipped. Great things sometimes come from accidents!

My nieces were completely exhausted from a day of cousins, water, sand, good food and fun.

Family is where it’s at.

Getting the slip and slide ready.

This was one of the highlights of the party. Yes, I went down it along with most of my cousins and even my 55 year old mom. 🙂   (She doesn’t count as 55 really, she is like a little kid.)

The best part of the whole day was just the feeling of love in the air. I am so blessed to have such a great family. Every one of them is special to me.

bad pizza

Saturday I was getting groceries with my son. I was very hungry and chose to get a slice of pizza. I usually do not eat away from home and this was the wrong choice. The rest of the night my belly had a pain in it, and the next day my feet were swollen. This will teach me to eat a food with white flour and who knows what else. Just sayin’.

Building the garden

I had a dream.  My dream for years has been to have a big enough garden that I would not have to go to the store for produce. I have had a garden of some sort every year for the 17 years I have been married. Growing up, my family always had a garden too. Some years my garden was gigantic, and some it was very small.
My dream garden started this winter as a plan in my head that I put down on paper. It changed a few times until I got http://gardenplanner.motherearthnews.com/garden-plan.aspx?p=250877

Then in March, the building began.
My neighbor came over and smoothed the area with his tractor.

It started out with just one bed at a time. I build the frame and measured where it should go, then leveled it.

 My husband filled in the gaps from the framed box to the ground where it was not level.

When 2 rows of beds were built, I put down cardboard so the grass would not grow up through the soil. Then my neighbor came over with his tractor and filled the beds with topsoil until only the top 6 inches of bed was empty. I put gypsum on the topsoil for a soil conditioner.

My neighbor then put a bucket of sand in each bed from my huge pile of sand that I had brought in, and I mixed in peat moss until it was 50% peat and 50% sand.

Every time I had two rows built, we went through
the same process. We did that so the tractor could
access the beds easily.  I had actually been going
to fill each bed using a wheelbarrow. One day when
I was out working and feeling overwhelmed with
all I needed to do before I could plant, I stood there
and said a short little prayer for help.  That day my
neighbor, Bob, came over and told me I needed
to let him help me with the tractor. I was
overwhelmed with the love my Father in Heaven
has for me to help me with this  so quickly.

Caped Helpers

 I had a dream, and there it is. Beautiful.