Daily Water Intake


For my ailments and most sicknesses I know of  and even just to prolong good health, it is imperative to get enough water. I drink distilled water when I am needing healing, about a gallon a day.
I like flavors in my water to keep it interesting and more inviting. The packaged flavors in the stores are full of chemicals though so I steer clear of them. I have found what works for me is noncaffeinated herbal teas.
I don’t like drinking hot drinks so I have a method that works great. I heat water in a tea pot and put the tea bags in my containers(beware!Mason jars will bust if they are not warmed up first!). When the water is boiling or the tea pot whistles, I fill half of my container with the tea bag. After about ten minutes I then pour cold water into the container to fill it the rest of the way and take out the tea bags.
Sometimes I will add stevia for some sweetness but its great just the way it is too.
Flavored water without chemicals:)


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Author: Elisa

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