Dutch Oven Disaster


Saturday was a fun day of cooking. My husband and the boys were experimenting with cooking bread in the Dutch ovens and I was making refried beans, baked tortilla chips, water sautéed onions and peppers and also putting away our load of food from Bountiful Baskets.

I have found when I get our basket that if I do my chopping of vegetables the first day that cooking the rest of the week goes so much faster. I can just get out the bags of washed and cut produce to use however I need.


The bread that my husband made was a recipe that my Grandmother made growing up. She said she had to make bread every other day as a kid for her family who lived on a farm. This was my husband’s first attempt at making bread PLUS his first time cooking it outside in a Dutch Oven. It was a heroic effort though it yielded results not in keeping with his glorious visions of homemade bread for lunch:)


The bread turned out black on the outside but perfect on the inside!  He learned not to put the oven directly in the hot coals. Next time he will pull coals out of the fire to put on the top and bottom of the oven thus controlling the temps a bit better.

I am proud of his efforts and I know he will only get better from here. 🙂 Way to go bud!


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Author: Elisa Wadsworth

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