Elisa’s Health Systems

These are systems that Elisa has built to help her family and yours eat Whole Foods Plant Based. Below you will be taken to blog posts about the system you click on. Choose one and check it out! Thank you for your support.

 Whole Foods Binder System


Don’t Lose Your Marbles

3 thoughts on “Elisa’s Health Systems”

  1. Hi Elisa, thanks for these two. I checked out the first one and I was led to a page that contain a recipe. I am amazed by the recipe and of course, the story. I admire your advocacy on health.

    You said you finished your study becoming a Home and Family Master Herbalist, that interests me. May I ask, where can I find that school of Natural Healing?

    With your blog posts, I was reminded of a book that I used to read, Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing. I don’t remember the name of the author, but it is available in health stores like GNC or Healthy Options.

    Are you familiar with that book?

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