Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Healthy Eating

Late nights of giggling and idea after idea was the beginnings of a game for healthy eating. We named it:

Don’t Lose Your Marbles! 28 Day Nutritional Program/Game.

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How It Came To Be

This game came from my Mom and I (Elisa) discussing that we knew how we should be eating but it was often hard to get all of the good stuff in and reject the bad. We knew we could do better. We needed something that would keep us on track and motivated, something that would be fun and interesting. We spent many a night giggling at absurd ideas and awesome ideas on the couch about different ways we could motivate ourselves to do what we knew. Over time we narrowed all of the brainstorming down to a game where we could see progress as a jar was filled with marbles. We found cool marbles online and make those available but really the game can be played with any marble or gem or whatever you have on hand.

We made a checklist of everything we want to make sure and get into our bodies each day. We studied the stacks of books and archived articles we have read on health and nutrition, making lists of what we knew our bodies need.

In the end we had a list that we felt very good about and we started trying to eat those things. The result was a loss in pounds as we stuck to the lists and we felt great. The list includes getting some form of exercise most days, so we were feeling the result of that too. We kept on with our plan because we were committed to earning marbles, which got us prizes! You can do this with any list you want but we would like to offer your our list and the rue book we came up with. It works, is flexible and it is fun!

For 3 months mom and I discussed the game and it’s components

  • The checklists were refined and based on information from numerous books and studies on nutrition.
  • The rules were all built around the conviction that it should only be positive and rewarding and should be flexible.
  • And last but not least the program was tested and refined.

A Motivational Nutrition and Fitness Program

This program is designed to motivate you in a fun and competitive way towards your health goals.

  • FLEXIBLE to your own needs!
  • NO RESTRICTIONS on what you can eat!
  • CHOOSE your own exercise!
  • FOCUSES on the positive!

We are excited to share our fun program with you!
Here’s how it works.

The Rules/Checklist Notebook gives you all of the rules to play and the information on each food you will be trying to incorporate into your diet. The rules are all positive and help you add in things you should be eating. It does not take anything from your diet unless you choose to. The list gives you basic ideas for things to be adding to your daily diet, things like fruits, veggies, and water.

You will be earning marbles for completing each category. If you do not finish earning a category you Lose Your Marbles! There are categories for fruits and veggies, supplements, water, other wholesome foods, and exercise.

The Foods

The foods involved are directed towards whole food nutrition. The goal is to replace the processed foods in your diet to allow your body to heal and so you will have energy and feel great. You will be deciding how much processed food you still allow in your diet. You will also decide how much meat and dairy you will be consuming. The list in this game is based on the advice from doctors such as Dr. McDougal who wrote The Starch Solution, Dr. Essylstein, Dr. John Christopher from Herbal Legacy, Dr. Fuhrman who wrote Eat to Live, Dr. Novick, and Dr. Campbell who the China Study.


1 Month Reboot

Mom and I have found that we like to use the game just every once in a while vs. all of the time, like a reboot.  After a month of playing, which is about the length of time it takes to get through one round, we are on a roll and doing great with our eating habits. We can stop playing the game for a while until we find our habits are starting to slip again. Then we get out our jars and marbles and checklist and start again. We usually play the game together and make wagers:)

Optional Wagers

I am not a gambler, but it is fun to put money on how I am going to do. This is how we do it.

Mom and I each put a dollar under our jar in the morning. If by the evening we have met our goals from the checklist and earned our marbles, we get to keep our dollar and save it for some fun prize. If we did not earn our marbles and had to ‘Lose our Marbles’, we also lose our dollar to the other person. This is motivational 🙂

You can just as easily wager against yourself. Put a dollar under your jar and only take it at the end of the day IF you earned it!

We set a low Price

We want to make this game highly available to anyone wanting to try it. We used to print them and send them out, but we found that this added to the price and we didn’t want it to cost too much. These days almost everyone has a printer or a place they can get copies, so we have taken advantage of that and now just offer a PDF version of the checklist and rules at the low price of $9. You get the information instantly and get to start right away! 🙂



Want to try it out?   Go HERE!

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