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My family has a go-to herbal remedy when we want to heal a bruise or a cut naturally. It works pretty fast and has amazed us on several occasions! We have put it on a bruise one day and the bruise will be completely gone the next day. Seeing this once or twice really helps little kids when they come to you with their cute little owies and want you to help them somehow. Just put a little bit of this salve on and it works wonders for their hurt and also their tender emotions!

Here it is. Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula, formerly titled Bone Flesh and Cartilage Ointment (BF&C).

I first found out about BF&C when I was taking a class through Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. You can click this link and it will take you to the school. They have programs for learning about natural healing and quite a few articles that are very informative. When we have a health issue, this site is one of the first sites I go to for help in figuring out my next move back to health.

My family has made this remedy a couple of times using the right herbs, oil and bees wax, but we always come back to this pre-made stuff. the recipe we have used works, but it goes bad after a while for some reason that i still need to figure out, so it works best for us to just buy it.

I have looked at many sources for buying BF&C, and the best price and fastest shipping has been on Amazon. We don’t like to be without it for too long, so i make sure we always have some on hand.

After we have opened a container of it we keep it in the fridge. It keeps the herbs fresh so it works good until you run out of it. I think probably other families might not go through it as fast as ours, ha ha! I have 5 very active boys and it seems like every other day there is some bruise or two to doctor up after their sword fighting or tumbling exercises:)It is amazing to read all of the things that can and have been healed with this potent stuff.

I have another remedy for cuts and bruises. It is comfrey. We grow it in our yard and made a tea of the leaves. Then we take a clean cloth or gauze, soak it in the tea, and put it on the bruise or cut. Then we cover it with plastic wrap, or if the area is quite small a bandaid will do. If the area is large we cover the area with the plastic wrap and then wrap it with an ACE bandage. It is best to reapply this every couple of hours for the best effects. We have seen really cool things through the use of comfrey. Comfrey is also very useful in healing burns. I wish I had some pictures to show you of things we have healed this way. It is truly miraculous.

Here is an article that will tell you more about the potency of BF&C and Comfrey, enjoy!

Healing Broken Bones With Herbs

This is from a student at the School of Natural Healing.  Just shows what is really possible using herbal remedies:


It has now been three weeks since my daughter broke her
collarbone, and if I hadn’t seen her healing with my own eyes I wouldn’t
believe it. The medical profession says  a collarbone typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to
heal.  My daughter’s took two. Many of you,
like my wife, won’t be surprised by this, but having not come from an
herbalist’s background, things like this still amaze me. My wife has been
studying herbs and natural healing for quite a while, so as she saw this
healing occur her reaction was simply “Well yeah, that’s the way it works.”

On a Monday morning my 4-year-old little girl fell off the
couch and landed just right to break  her
collarbone. She immediately began screaming in pain, and not just the kind of
screaming when a kid falls down and gets bumped. This was the type of screaming
where you immediately know something is definitely wrong. All you parents know
exactly what I’m talking about. She couldn’t be touched, she couldn’t be
consoled, and she wouldn’t calm down.

Suspecting that something might be broken, we quickly went to
the doctor’s office to get x-rays. The x-ray confirmed our suspicions and
clearly showed her broken clavicle. While very nice and professional, the only
thing the doctor suggested was a sling and gave her a prescription for Tylenol3.
We thanked him very much, didn’t bother to fill the prescription, and went home.
Now that we knew it was a broken bone, we knew exactly where to start working.

We immediately started giving her Comfrey tea with Willow to
drink.  Comfrey is a bone and tissue
healer while Willow helps to relieve pain (Aspirin was actually derived from
Willow). We put a Complete Tissue And Bone (formerly known as Bone Flesh and
Cartilage or BF&C formula) fomentation on her collarbone and kept it there
for the rest of the day. We also gave her homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water
frequently. Arnica has been used since the 1500s for treating injuries such as
sprains, breaks and bruises.

Our routine over the next several days included 5 to 6 cups
of Comfrey tea with Willow in it, fomentations most of the day and at night, Complete
Tissue And Bone powder added to our green drinks in the morning, Complete
Tissue And Bone oil rubbed on her clavicle, and homeopathic Arnica dissolved in
water 3 or 4 times during the day.

So what were the results?

On Tuesday, the day after the accident, her collarbone was very
painful, and she needed help with everything including going to the bathroom. She
couldn’t color, and she spent the day watching movies, which kept her still.
Wednesday she had a lot less pain and was generally moving around a lot more.
Thursday her cousins came over and she played with them for several hours. She
wore a sling for a few hours that day to remind her not to move her arm too
much. Friday she went to see a ballet, took the sling off because it was
annoying her, and was active all day. By Sunday she was happy and playing, carrying
her baby dolls, dressing up, and even running, though her collarbone hurt
slightly while running.

Over the following week she kept getting better and better.
We kept the routine of giving her Comfrey tea with Willow, rubbing oil on her
clavicle during the day, and putting fomentations on at night, though we
reduced the frequency. By the following Tuesday, now two weeks since the break,
she was acting as if it had never happened. In fact she even went swimming and
was later bragging that she was able to do all of her strokes: freestyle,
breaststroke, backstroke, and even butterfly. Later in the week she was even

It has now been three weeks and we still rub Complete Tissue
And Bone oil on her collarbone and she has at least one cup of Comfrey tea each
day. We also still add Complete Tissue And Bone powder to our green drinks in
the morning.  She is acting like our active
4-year-old little girl again and, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would
never even guess that she ever broke her collarbone.

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  1. I love natural healing. This is an amazing remedy! Healing bones naturally! I believe it will be very helpful to many people. And I hope many people will find this post, and your site (which is also very nice by the way). I am bookmarking your site, and will explore the other posts and pages soon. Thank you so much for creating this.

    1. I love natural healing too! It is awesome! I love seeing things heal much quicker than they would without the remedy. We used comfrey tea just the other day on a cut my boy had and it healed up nicely. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

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