Italian Soup


This soup is very easy and full of flavor. All of the ingredients can be grown in your garden for the very beat flavor and nutrients. 
First I sautee bell peppers,onions, and mushrooms in a little bit of tomato juice from the can of tomatoes I will add later.
When they are soft I add a large can of diced tomatoes or cut up fresh ones and I add some Italian seasoning. To make the flavor even better I add some homemade vegetable broth powder.
I let it all simmer together for a few minutes then let it cool and gobble it up:)


If you want to you could add browned hamburger and have it over pasta. That is not a good food combination if you have any sort of digestion problems or want to lose weight. You would be better off having the pasta OR the meat. Me, I like it without either of them.

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