Quick Whole Food Recipes

I am always looking for quick whole food recipes. This one is quick, simple and tasty!

Friday was a day of running around trying to get things done for the weekend. There were groceries to get, and a trip to Salt Lake City which is 45 minutes away for a guitar lesson. We also had our weekly family party night. We usually eat homemade pizza, but I was running so late that pizza wasn’t going to happen quick enough for my hungry belly.

So, while I was at Costco just before heading the 45 minutes back home, I grabbed these 3 things. Red Pepper and Tomato soup, Asian Cashew

chopped Salad, and already cooked Quinoa and Brown Rice. I had a plan in

mind to eat the salad and mix the rice and soup together.

When I got home it was so simple and fast to open up the salad and mix it all together. Because I do 90% of my cooking from scratch, this was weird feeling. A salad all ready to eat and I didn’t have to chop or blend anything? It was compromising my beliefs in whole foods a bit because the ingredients in the dressing and the crunchy toppings were not all whole. If I had wanted to go 100% whole foods I would have used a dressing in my fridge that I had pre-made or was pre approved to be compliant with my values. Sometimes I like to twist off and do something different though, so here it was.

Next I Put the soup in a pot on the stove and started it heating up. I added  the rice mixture to that. Since Friday I have made this soup again and added a few cloves of chopped garlic for even more flavor and the immune boosting properties. I heated it up and Bam, it was done and ready to eat. I felt pretty good about the ingredients and that I was getting a lot of vitamins from all of the grains and veggies. It was a quick meal but it was further on the side of nourishing than not. Also, it was way super yummy! I am  a lover of good tasting food and this meal passed the goodness test!

I found the Red Pepper and Tomato Soup and the Quinoa Rice on Amazon. If you can’t get to a Costco,  Amazon will mail it to you! Awesome!

Click on the links below and try it out for yourself. Come back here and comment so we can know if you like it too!


I have busy days every once in a while and I can tell right now that this will be a go-to meal on those days. It was especially nice on a winter day to have a warm soup within minutes. I love soups and will gladly make them on days that I have more than 2 minutes to make something. When I bought it at Costco, of course it came in bulk. There are packets that I can open one at a time so it wasn’t like once I opened some I would have to use it all. I just put the unopened containers in my pantry and they will sit there for a while until my next busy day.

Today is not a busy day, so I will be going in and making a big pot of some kind of soup for the next few days. I haven’t quite made up my mind what I will be making next. I’ll probably show you in a few days 🙂


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Author: Elisa

Mom, Wife, Whole Foods nut, Gardener, and Music Lover

12 thoughts on “Quick Whole Food Recipes”

    1. I don’t have many posts with meat. My family eats very little meat. We focus on the fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds. If I were to add meat to this, I would probably put some chicken in the Instant Pot and stir it into the soup when it was done 🙂

  1. Hi Elisa,

    Thank you for the tasteful recipes.
    I am always trying to cook with whole food products but to be honest I often don’t know where to start and what exactkly to do.
    I know also that it is much healthier to eat whole food meals.
    I love soups and my favorite one is a Russian one- borscht.
    Have you ever tried to cook it?
    If not I’m sure that you will like it.
    Thank you for the great article.

    1. I looked up a borscht recipe. RECIPE Is this a typical recipe for it? Most of the ingredients are things I brought out of the garden this fall! It looks yummy! We don’t eat much red meat, so I might omit that or use less, but otherwise I will totally love it. As a matter of fact that might be my next foray into the kitchen!

  2. Very nice site. And great article. Yes I am hoping to get more into whole foods. I stay away from the processed stuff as much as I can but sites like this can really motivate people to eat the right way. The live way!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yep, eating “the live way” is important if we want quality of life. Good for you staying away from the processed stuff. It is not easy when it is all around us every day. I do hope I can motivate and assist people in change for better health.

  3. This combination sounds delicious and something I would never have thought of. It has been cold lately, and the thought of warm and yummy soup has gotten me planning a quick trip to my local Costco. I have walked by every product you have listed many times and never tried any except the Asian Cashew Chopped Salad. It looks like I need to start thinking more outside the norm. Thanks for these great ideas. I will let you know how we liked it soon.


  4. Hi Elisa,

    I can totally relate to your post. I am often running around crazy and don’t have time to cook anything super healthy so often it is mushrooms and tomato on toast or porridge for dinner! Haha, Not unhealthy by any means but quick and easy. I love your idea with soup, Quinoa and Asian mix. I love natural raw foods and drink fresh juices daily.

    I don’t have a Cosco nearby but there is Aldi and a few others. Will keep this in mind. Love your website. I’ll call back again soon 🙂 Kev

    1. Yum. Mushrooms and tomato on toast sounds delicious. Do you like sauteed onions? Mushrooms and onions sauteed and put on toast with tomato sounds divine right now.(It’s dinner time for me 🙂 Porridge for dinner? That usually lands on my breakfast or lunch menu, but anything goes! I love raw natural foods too and I love a good juice too!

  5. These are some really delicious meals that you have here and i can identify with you because there are days when you are running so much that by the time you get home you just want a quick fix or guick or meal that does not take that long. Who would want to labor around a hot stove for hours when you are tired and hungry and want something to eat and something that is also healthy for you. Great recipes.

    1. Thanks Norman. I felt kind of guilty labeling this post as Quick Whole Foods Recipes because they are not quite recipes but on the other hand you might not know that you can add two things together like the Red Pepper and Tomato soup and the Quinoa and Brown Rice. You are right, sometimes you just want to eat and it is nice to know there are healthy fast food options 🙂

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