Safety of a Pressure Cooker, and a Review

The worries of pressure cooking

For years I did my canning with an on-the-stove variety of pressure cooker but I was always half scared that something bad would happen and it would blow up. I actually grew up with a family who left their cooker on the stove and went somewhere. They came home to a cooker that had blown the lid and they had to clean beans off of the ceiling! I don’t think we really need to worry that much. My mom used to use hers weekly for a batch of beans that turned out perfect every time. You just can’t leave it and not monitor how it is doing!

No More Worries

These days you do not have to worry about leaving a pressure cooker unattended. Enter – The Instant Pot. You can leave this cooker unattended because it is all automatic. It is a lovely idea and works like a charm. It is so fun to put the lid on and hear the little chime signaling all is well and sealed. Everything about the electric pressure cooker is so regulated that it is very safe. I have used mine over and over and over with ZERO problems. I have even taught my 10 year old son how to make perfect brown rice every time using the Instant Pot. We seriously use it almost every day and have never had an issue.

I have the link for where you can read about the safety features in more detail.

Some of my favorite things about the Instant Pot

One of my favorite things about the Instant Pot is that I can put veggies or a meatless chili in it and set a timer for it to start cooking in a few hours. I love this because when I have to be gone from the house all day I like to come home to a hot meal. The Instant Pot starts up, cooks the food, then cools down and depressurizes by the time I get home. This is so convenient.

Another thing I like are the buttons. You can manually select how long you want something to pressure, or you can select from a bunch of preset options.

The Buttons We Use Most

The preset buttons we use the most are the

  • bean/chili,
  • saute,
  • steam,
  • and rice.

The MOST used buttons of all are the

  • manual,
  • and timer.

I have a few charts that tell me how long to cook some basic foods and how much water to add. Because we eat simply, these charts are very helpful. I will work on making those charts available to you.


I do not worry at all about the safety of my pressure cooker any more. The Instant Pot has taken all of that worry away. There are so many safeties that I can just cook and not be thinking something bad might happen. Now I can just enjoy the benefits of food being cooked in a small fraction of the time it used to take. We can have refried beans all the way from dry, hard beans to soft cooked ones in 45 minutes. That is unheard of in any other way! It is awesome! Get one and see what I mean!


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Author: Elisa

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11 thoughts on “Safety of a Pressure Cooker, and a Review”

  1. Is it safe to leave the instant pot on and leave the house? I’d like to use the delay start option so it can start cooking while I’m at the gym and running errands but I’m afraid something will go wrong while I’m gone.

  2. Yes I bought this one about two years ago — the one with the Bluetooth (BT not recommended… Just buy the regular one). Insta pot is definitely leading the industry for pressure cookers. The beauty of cutting cooking time to a fraction is just what I needed for my busy lifestyle. Oh, and the best pot roast you ever tasted.

  3. Electric pressure cooker looks amazing. Sometimes my mom watches TV and forgets all about the food. I know she will love using this cooker.

  4. I have never used a pressure cooker for fear of the lid blowing off just like you mentioned. Can you get a pressure cooker that is not electric? It seems to me that my brother-in-law had one that went on the stove top. From what you are saying though an electric one does sound much safer.
    This might be something I would consider seeing that they are not all that pricey.

    1. You can get a stove top pressure cooker and they are a lot safer than the old antique ones. I like the electric one because of all the safety checks they have and they are so simple to use. The stove top ones work fine, you just have to be present and make sure the heat on the stove stays where it needs to be. If you have a busy life at all or like your food to be cooked at high temperatures for a short time vs. long, an Instant Pot is the way to go!

  5. Wow, I never owned one of these before! Now I want one. Great idea too on being able to prepare food before leaving to go somewhere, and not having to be present the entire time. Sound’s like an awesome Christmas gift! Great review..

    1. It would be a great Christmas gift for anyone who likes to cook, or has to cook! I highly recommend every family having one. It would mean less trips to fast food because you can make ‘fast’ food at home. It’s awesome.

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