Snack time on the road


Today we are in Salt Lake City for the boys’ voice and piano lessons, and we are helping my sister out with her garden afterwards. We left the house with green smoothies, nuts and water but lots of things to do means meals on the go sometimes. The choices for healthy fast foods are limited but we have found  stopping at a grocery store can usually yield something that your body will thank you for instead of derailing your health goals.

Today our on the road snack is celery and hummus. It is filling and tasty and will not compromise our health.

Here is a short list of some on the go options.

Celery and hummus
Celery and refried beans
Other veggies and hummus
Bag of salad with dressing you just put in the bag and shake up.
Fruit and nuts
Veggies and guacamole
Celery and nut butter

These are the things I can think of right now. What are some other ideas?

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