Spring Strawberries


Wow. It is heaven around here with strawberries ripening all over the place! Sweet ambrosia. Home grown is so much better than store bought!

My parents have tried growing strawberries in several different places the last few years and none of them worked out until they planted them in the well drained Mittleider soilless mix of peatmoss and sand. Now they are multiplying like crazy and giving us beautiful fruit.

I fertilized them with the Mittleider weekly feed when they started to grow this spring, again when they flowered and I will feed them in the next few days now that they are producing heavily.  I didn’t have to water them at all until a few weeks ago. Now I make sure they don’t go too dry and they are doing  very well.

This fall or next spring we will need to thin them out quite a bit and start a new strawberry patch. After a few years in the same spot the mother plant sends off so many shoots that the berries start getting small. If we were more diligent about cutting off the shoots that turn into new plants we wouldn’t need to thin them.

Berry breakfast awaits me. Yum.

Happy Healthy,


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