Review on The Virgin Diet

I’m re-investing some of my time each day into researching health topics to keep up my good health momentum. I ran across JJ Virgin’s book called the Virgin Diet. I have skimmed through the book and found many good points, advice and ideas that will help me stay on track.

Some of the information, such as the down sides to plant based nutrition, I don’t agree with because of the experience of growing up with an extremely healthy vegetarian mom. I agree with most of the other premises based on the research, experience and training I have.

JJ Virgin wrote a very comprehensive, well thought out and doable plan that I will be incorporating into what I do.

I wanted to know what JJ thought of Intermittent Fasting and found this article.
She has some concerns about it but also sees the positives. She suggests doing IF in an altered manner which I resonate with and will try. The object of IF is to cut your eating window down to about 8 hours so your body can take a break from digesting and heal and rejuvenate. We can still keep that span quite closely if we stop eating earlier in the day. JJ suggests having breakfast at 8, lunch between 12 and 2, and then dinner around 6. After 6 you would stop eating until the next morning at 8 which would give you a fasting window of about 13-14 hours. This is totally doable. Another suggestion is to skip dinner once in a while for a longer fasting window which I like better than skipping breakfast because breakfast is usually my most health meal.

I will try out what I am learning, compare it to what I have learned in the past and figure out what works best for my body. That is all we can do, right? Do the best with what we know until we know better.

Elisa’s Story and her Whole Foods Binder System 2nd Edition

I recently finished editing my Whole Foods Binder System with a friend of mine and I wanted to kind of announce it but not make a big deal of it, you know? I want my work to benefit people but I don’t want to oversell what I have to offer either. It is my hope that the things I have learned will benefit others and this is the way I know how to share. Below I have written a short biography of a teeny tiny part of my health history. It is by no means comprehensive but it does give you a glimpse into my passion for all things HEALTH. May God bless you in your efforts to take care of your body.  Sincerely, Elisa

My Story

I have always been conscious of my health. When I was in high school, I would run either outside on the track or inside around the perimeter of the gym during my lunchtime. When I was home I would do 45 minutes on my rowing machine and take long walks in the desert behind my house.

I watched what I ate very carefully. In those days what I thought was healthy was just eating less food than I wanted. I didn’t eat lunch at school, I just ran. I loved Bit O’ Honey and other candy and my family was always baking bread, cookies, and cakes.

When I got married I took my role as Wife very seriously and made sure we had well rounded meals. At that time I used a lot of packaged foods and I gained weight. I kept up the running and exercising, and I tried to eat healthy but I just didn’t have any real knowledge of what was truly healthy.

I had a baby 3 years after I was married and gained quite a bit of weight but was able to run much of it off afterwards, though it was a struggle. I had 2 more kids and followed the same routine of getting pregnant, getting really big, and running it off. We were still eating packaged foods but I started reading books about health and was beginning to learn more about eating healthy. Even back then I started a Be Healthy Group with neighborhood friends that met at the park, weighed, and talked about how we could be healthier. I learned some things I thought would be helpful to others, and started teaching them what I had learned. That was over 14 years ago and looking back I can see I was on the right track but I had much more to learn.

Fast forward to when I was pregnant with Josiah and didn’t know yet and I got walking pneumonia. It took a month to work through that and it marked the beginning of pneumonia or bronchitis every year with related asthma. Before Josiah was 2 he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia as well. That was when I was learning about radically changing our diets and had been learning about herbal medicine and essential oils. I read book after book and taught everyone who would listen about what I was learning.

I became certified as a Home and Family Master Herbalist through the School Of Natural Healing in March of 2010 where I learned more in depth about nutrition from fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Since then I have studied countless books and studies that have supported the knowledge I gained through the certification process. I have taught that information to friends, family, the community, and people I don’t know on the internet.

It has now been over 4 years since I have had pneumonia or even a serious cold. When my kids were little they were constantly sick and had runny noses, but now it is very rare for us to get sick, and when we do it is mild. The difference is in the nutrition we are getting, preventative measures we take with essential oils and herbs, and living a lifestyle of eating things as close to their whole form as possible. If we can’t tell where the food came from when it was in its natural state then it probably should not go into our bodies.

I have always loved lists, making forms on excel, keeping track of information through spreadsheets, making schedules, and everything that has to do with being organized on paper. I have made many schedules for our dinner menus which included lists of dinners for the month with corresponding grocery lists, rotatable menus for the wall, and several recipe card systems. I have probably had a new system every year since I’ve been married (19 years).

My Whole Foods Binder System has evolved and it has taken hundreds of hours to fine tune. I was sitting at my kitchen table organizing my recipes into color coded food combinations when it hit me that other people would find value in this too! I got excited about it and talked to a group that had been learning about living a whole foods lifestyle but having trouble implementing all they have learned, and they got excited too!

I love simplicity, and had been putting effort into the binder to make it simple for me to carry out meal planning, shopping, and food combining. For others to use it and be comfortable, I realized that I would have to put more information in it so they could understand how the binder is set up. I have written a comprehensive section in the front of the binder so it will be easy for others to use. Now, I am excited to share my creation!

Go HERE to check it out and support me AND you in our health endeavors:)

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