Metaphorical Musings on Life/the Park

The water fountain, bubbling over fresh and healthy and clean, is God.

The cars zipping around and hurrying to diverse destinations is the world that has become so harried and as unlike God as it can become.

Often I find myself in the world, hurried and frantic over the next place I need to be. So frequently I get lost in the busyness.

I want to be near, no, I want to be in the fountain.  I want my fears and troubles and pain to be washed away as I calm down and come to peace.  I know there can be peace.  I have felt it.  The question is, how can I have peace and still do what is needed of me in the busyness?

It is officially summer at the park but my life is in the season of spring.

Last year was my winter.  I cleansed and purged the overwhelm out of my space like snow does to an annual flower that has already lived its purpose and glory.

I rested for a season like the soil in my frozen garden.

Now the rains have come, washing away the death of old projects and worries.

New experiences are budding, creating excitement in the air with the freshness of new growth.

My figurative life will be watered from the fountain. God will water my future and I will stay grounded as I have to participate in the world on occasion.