Wheat Berry Stuffing

Lunch today was so wonderful! I LOVE stuffing but I don’t want to be consuming so much wheat that has been ground face powder thin and then baked at a high heat killing all the nutrients. Plus, it makes me heavy and tired. Anyway, I LOVE stuffing! So, today I took my wheat that I had soaked and low heat cooked and mixed it with some butter, onions, celery and stuffing herbs ( sage, thyme, savory, vegesal instead of salt) and voila! Stuffing that nourishes! I’m so excited. I might eat this every day.

Today I also had my regular lunch salad with spinach, romaine, shredded carrots, frozen peas, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, shredded broccoli and olive oil, ACV vinegar, garlic, Vegesal dressing. So good. So filling and soooo satisfying.

I am steadily losing the extra pounds I had put on during my health food hiatus. Yay! There are wins all over the place!



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Author: Elisa

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